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Birthday Cakes


Want a delicious and personalized birthday cake? Call SugarDreams we are committed to designing stunning cakes that are sure to be the talk of any birthday party! All our cakes are individually hand-baked and come in a variety of flavors, sizes and decor to suit your taste and vision. Every cake is unique, exquisite and custom designed!!!

The  Perfect  Wedding Cake


Looking for a bespoke wedding cake? During the initial consultation, we will create the perfect wedding cake for you. Rest assured, our beautifully designed and delicious cake is sure to add the extra sparkle and dazzle to your special day!


Established in 2017, at SugarDreams we understand the incredibly high standards clients expect when it comes to their meaningful occasion. We specialize in delivering gorgeous custom made cakes for wedding, parties, birthday and freshest and finest ingredients to create a stunning centerpiece for your special day 

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